Where is it advisable to send your children to boarding school

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Tockington Manor School is a completely independent boarding school that is set in 28 acres of charming landscapes on the outer limits of Bristol. The school prides itself in delivering a varied timetable in small groups tailored to the requirements of every single student. It aims to offer a place that is constructive, supportive and self-disciplined within a lovely, caring, familiar atmosphere. Students are inspired to be self-assured, mindful and talented free thinkers.

Windlesham House School, was launched in 1837, was the pioneer institution in England to be started as a Boarding Institution. It lies in land spanning 65 acres / 26 hectares of South Downs landscapes in West Sussex, close to the coastal vacation resort of Worthing. The big school campus generates a genuine sense of freedom and this, in conjunction with its safe and secure neighbouring regions, helps make Windlesham an excellent centre for children in their adolescence.

Heywood Prep is a comfortable, polite environment in which excited boys and girls find a passion for knowledge and the assurance to fully utilise their potential. It is a completely independent prep institution and nursery, for young boys and girls from the ages of two to eleven, situated in the heart of Corsham, Wiltshire, with one or two acres of spectacular grounds where youngsters have fun and run around. Its most current inspection report characterized them as "Remarkable... a genial, loving and revitalizing place in which every last youngster can grow as individuals."

Ashdown House Prep School is a prep and day time school that serves children covering anything from 4 to 13. The school was built in 1843, and that makes it one of the most historically significant boarding institutions in the southern counties.

Ashdown House is within just thirty minutes from Gatwick and an hour from south-west London and Heathrow. Ashdown House is suitably placed for parents located in the South East, London and overseas.

Seaford College hosts children ranging from the ages of 11 and up to sixth form. The Prep School has boarding bedrooms throughout the Mansion where young children are placed into bedrooms of seven or eight. Nightly, the lodgers get back to their sleeping rooms, to change into their household outfits, after supper. They next have an activity routine that runs up to approximately half past eight in the evening when they get back to their sleeping rooms to prepare for rest.

Blundell’s School is a energetic school blending a solid practice of school aspirations, where a sincere passion for school work and erudition is developed, with superior pastoral mentoring. The group mindset and durable relationships created at Blundell's, along with the cerebral, bodily and social interests they acquire there, provide pupils with skills for a lifetime. Blundellians have moved on without difficulty to a number of modules at outstanding educational institutions and to a myriad careers