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The 2015 plan has been broadened to showcase cosmopolitan works and the Serpentine’s once a year summer pavilion, this coming year being concocted by Spanish company SelgasCanos will create a centrepiece to the 4 week-long urbanism and architecture festivity.

The 30 day ‘gala for architectural reasoning, innovation and practice’ will be held at establishments all over the capital in mid 2015 and will also include the British Council’s International Urbanism and Architecture Showcase.

Gatherings, which will include discussions, art installations, displays, debates and films, will all tackle the ‘ In Progress ’ idea.

Financed by RIBA London, the British Council, the Urbanism and Architecture Organisation and New London Architecture and promoted by the Mayor of London, the festivite demonstrates the key function architecture and urbanism play in cultural, social and metropolitan growth.

Thinking back to the previous London Festivity of Architecture and Urbanism the Mayor of the capital, Boris Johnson, said: ‘I’m extremely keen on wonderful design and for years now the Greater London Festivity of Architecture continues to eclipse its past achievements.

‘The festival makes an incredible contribution to the capital's profile by advertising the success, output and expertise of our architectural market; and featuring the innovation of the capital's societal sector through a superb associate process that incorporates many of our leading institutions. The involvement and conversations the festivity generates helps define this terrific metropolis.’

An open call for architects, designers and artists to play a part in the summer time festival is set to be announced next month.

Recent design competitions that have been featured in the metropolis include the Fahad Al Tamimi ‘Small is Beautiful’ project, which offered students and current graduates the exciting chance to gain some footing in the design segment.

Admittance specifications included picking out an existing minimal space and producing a groundbreaking architectural model that both complemented the small room space and boosted the functionality of the place. The final judging panel for the challenge will be held in spring 2015.