The Scandinavian blog sites you should be checking

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From edgy graffiti and London restaurants to interior design and French fine dining-- these are the Scandinavian lifestyle blogs you've been missing. Keep reading to uncover regarding our collection of websites.

Street Art Utopia is an art aggregate website curated by Vidar Egnér. Reacting to ideas given by their viewers, the blog archives and functions as a genuine wunderkabinet of unintentionally discovered artwork. They regularly up-date their "Most Beloved" page with the top articles of every month hence that would be an excellent place to start out might one wish to get a sense of the type of posts they produce and there's even a catalogue of collections by certain artists. Cool, well-organised and remarkably quirky-- this is the website to visit if you're searching for inspiration.

Emma's Design Blog is one of the first on the Scandinavian blogosphere. The proprietor, Emma Fexeus, began writing as a way to gather and archive the content she was using in her daily job as a decorating assistant. The website gained massive popularity and as her audience grew so did her interest in using her blog as more than a hobby. Lately, she devotes her energy between maintaining her website and her different writing work; in 2013 she published a book on interior architecture influenced by her work on the design blog. She's also acquired numerous awards for her online presence and has been a consistent attribute on the Guardian's best design blogs list so you know she's the best of the best.

Peter Prahl is your go-to base for the gatherings across the North Sea. He's a Swedish national currently located in London with a sense of composition and fashion and a propensity for discovering the ideal spots to grab some reasonably priced, delicious foodstuff. A very valuable skill to possess when you're residing in one of the most expensive locations across the globe. Peter's articles are sure to spare you a couple of bank busting occasions while you're looking forward to your next payslip, whether you are trying to find a good night out or asking yourself if you should spend on that movie ticket.

Solli is an expatriate blogging on her aptly titled Paris Blog. Her path from manager at REGI to Paris to an assortment of terrific encounters around the globe and back to Paris is captivating and motivates her attitude to the manner she views society. She has a remarkably sophisticated and worldly viewpoint of Parisian life that presents in the manner of things she opts to blog about. To browse Solli's content is to get a glimpse into the life of the impossibly fashionable French. She also maintains a private, diary-like design all over which makes her blogposts seemingly genuine. With Paris Blog, you are certain she knows it anytime she suggests something.