Positive activities in the Canadian mining industry

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Rokmaster Resources Corp has revealed its Peruvian subsidiary, Minera Pinaya Peru S.A., has acquired approval from the Ministry of Energy and Mines to initiate activities at its Pinaya copper-gold porphyry development in Peru.

President of Rokmaster, John Mirko, explained, "The company is really pleased over the receipt of the final approval necessary for the company to commence drilling at Pinaya. With all the permits and approval in hand, our initial drilling which is expected to start shortly will target the following: oxide-gold zones with short-term heap-leach capacity; south extensions of the existing porphyry copper-gold mine; and the porphyry copper-silver discovery which is 12 km south of the same location."

Moon Potash Inc have revealed that drilling has started on its Captain Cook salt/potash first payment in Western Newfoundland. The summer drill plan will include two holes. The 1st hole is to face in an easterly direction where the evaporite section condenses down the dip. These 2 stepout holes are planned to add considerable tonnage to the salt deposit and adjust potash distribution in the basin. Drilling area maps are obtainable at www.redmoonpotash.com.

The holes are getting drilled by a consistent coring machine operated by Logan Drilling Limited, an accredited and skilled driller in this geologic sector. Holes aren't expected to go beyond 600 meters in level.

The Captain Cook salt/potash project is situated in the Bay St. George Basin of Western Newfoundland near an airport and deep water ports. The Trans Canada highway and high voltage electric power cables traverse the premises. The development is delineating an evaporite bundle of rocks analogous to the potash/salt mines in the Sussex region of New Brunswick. Red Moon possesses a 100 % operating interest governed by a 3 % royalty to their parent company, Vulcan Minerals Inc. Vulcan is giving project management services to Red Moon, taking advantage of Vulcan's drilling knowledge of the region.

Circum Minerals, managed by Stephen Dattels, is acquiring and developing a large potash project in Ethiopia's Danakil Depression - among the world's biggest evaporative basins which has shallow potash deposits equivalent in quantity to those in Canada and Russia, which represent around 70 % of global potash reserves and 50 percent of production. Potash is the only viable source of potassium (K), the critical fertilizer needed by the fast growing populations and urbanizing countries of Asia. 93 % of the world's identified potash deposits are in just 5 nations (not counting Ethiopia).

Management consider the Danakil Territory can become one of the globe's favored potash producing areas and that Circum's initiative can be a considerable, affordable provider of the globe's 3rd most important crop nutrient after phosphorous and nitrogen.