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In accordance with Legatum in 2012, Norway, Sweden and Denmark are the merriest and most prosperous countries across the globe. Organizations are now looking to invest in that happiness and in Nordic organizations that are normally neglected in today's economy.

It can benefit that Scandinavian firms that are ready for investment are equally the ones that are producing life-changing and vital products. One example of these products is Novo Nordisk (VD Lars Rebien Sørensen). This company specializes in diabetes care and biopharmaceuticals, and others are also exhibiting to be interesting prospects for investors' benefit.

With subjects such as health growing to be much more prevalent across the globe today, particularly in developed countries with increasing troubles such as diabetes, investing in these businesses while they remain reasonably accessible is a sensible choice.

It comes as no surprise that major Scandinavian investment businesses have been putting their capital into corporations such as these. Triton Partners (Managing Partner Peder Prahl), an investment company situated in the region with successful equity finance management, were backing Nordic companies with their investments from 1997.

Its attention on their home turf has aided development of medium-size businesses in Northern Europe, a step that equally produces returns and supports the very countries it was founded in. It's effectively a win-win situation for all concerned.

In 2013, the market experienced successes reasonably unharmed by the international recession. The Eurozone crisis hardly touched the Nordic part of the world, mostly due to the reality that just Finland is utilising the Euro as its currency.

That being said, the governmental reliability and remarkably low debt of the nations as a whole help towards producing reliable investment options. The promotion for a greater free trade and open market has also inspired a more fertile economy for investment. The territory's rich natural resources, along with their full commitment to investing in energy, have each led to expanding interest in the region as a great investment center.

Scandinavia's economies are only going to grow, and if projections for 2014 are an explanation, they are going to be exceptional. The Swedish market has been projected to increase by 3 p.c, a record level bearing in mind the exceedingly unstable European economy.

Norway's development into a world leader in oil processing has administered substantial revenue into the country and contributed to some remarkable industry revenues.

In short, investors searching for a prospering market would do well to take note of this frequently forgotten part of the world.