Massive Nordic health care transaction made

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Substantial acquisition news has been overheard in Northern Europe as med care information technology merchant Cetrea has been acquired by Scandinavian healthcare tech behemoth Getinge and, as a result, the Danish enterprise will be incorporated into Getinge under the Maquet branding. The acquisition selling price added up to SEK 110 mil, which translates to around 12 million euros.

The offer shines in magnitude, in particular from a local point of view: Cetrea’s tech is utilised by medical staff from about seventy departments at 21 hospitals in 80% of the Danish medical care regions. This makes it among Denmark’s key names in the health care technology market, although Cetrea’s target clinics have other establishments around the Nordic zone (for example the Vaasa Central Hospital in Finland). The corporation is one of various respected northern med care providers, that include the freshly merged Mehiläinen and Falck Healthcare in the list.

In 2013 Cetrea’s revenue amounted to approximately SEK 30 million and the business currently has almost thirty employees. Yet, regardless of the steady revenue influx, the firm’s aims have been, for a long time now, a much larger size expansion than just the Nordic states, something now granted by way of Getinge's relatively greater retail division.

Cetrea’s info tech service for hospitals originally started as the iHospital assignment by specialists from the CS Section at the University of Aarhus. The project evolved in its goals, inevitably leading to the birth of C3A Medical in 2006, which was then relabeled Cetrea in 2008.

The firm’s systems are grouped as Clinical Logistics, which is, as the business clarifies, essentially a traffic management process for medical centres. With rising numbers of patients, and consistent, if not diminished, spending budgets, medical centres experience complications in retaining the same quantity of customer care. I.T.strategies like Cetrea’s Clinical Logistics aid healthcare professionals, i.e. nurses, clinicians, doctors, with the details they need to manage the stream of customers productively.

Markus Medart, Managing Director of Surgical Workplaces for MAQUET GmbH remarked on the way in which Cetrea’s systems will boost the Getinge service spectrum, saying that the incorporation of Cetrea [to Getinge] will generate synergies that strengthen the existing Maquet and Getinge health care information tech enterprises and supply a podium for long term development into desirable clinic IT industries.

Based in Rastatt, Germany, Maquet is the primary branch of the openly listed Getinge Group AB of Sweden. Maquet generated around €1.54 bn in 2013, which forms over fifty percent of the Getinge Group’s annual income of €2.9 billion.