MSS60 Error: 2729, P2298

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2729 - P2298

Information saved in DME
Fault code 2729 - P2298
Fault text Oxygen sensor, coast-mode diagnosis before cat., bank 2
Fault description O2 Sensor Out of Range During Deceleration (Bank 2 Sensor 1)
Condition for fault identification Test condition: Oxygen sensor is available (via sensor temperature, no error code entries, etc.) but the AD value is less than 3398mV (K_LAVK_OBD_SA_SCHW) for a number of 2 (K_LAVK_OBD_SA_CNT) measurements
. Terminal condition: Engine running - overrun condition
. Voltage condition: none
Condition for fault memory entry none
Action in service 1. Check plug and wiring harness to pre-cat oxygen sensor LSVK B2 (focus on opens in wires for virtual ground and pumping current)
. 2. Replace oxygen sensor
Fault effect and breakdown warning MIL on after engine runs 2x
Driver information Warning light: MIL
Service instruction none