Engine Specs - S65/S85 Supercharged Break In

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Engine Application

These break-in instructions apply to custom racing engines built by Van Dyne Engineering for BE Bearings. These engines are each hand crafted, blueprinted, and hand assembled.

Recommended Break In Oil

Break-in oils are specific purpose oils design for engine break in. They should not be run for extended periods of time or for normal engine operation.

Fill with 20W50 non-synthetic oil for break in. Do NOT use a synthetic oil. Find a mineral oil that is 20W50, no detergent (if possible), and high zinc. At least 1200 parts-per-million on zinc. Since you are filling the new oil cooler and oil filter, make sure to have at least two extra quarts of capacity available.

Van Dyne Engineering recommends these two engine break-in oils:

  1. LAT Break-In Oil
    1. Web site: http://latracingoils.com/product/lat-high-performance-break-in-oils/
    2. Grade: 20W50
  2. PennGrade Break-In Oil

Recommended Running Oil

There are many good oils on the market suitable for running the S65/S85 supercharged motors. Here is one selection chosen by Van Dyne for this type of applications.

  1. LAT Synthetic Oil
    1. Web site: http://latracingoils.com/product/lat-synthetic-racing-oils-2/
    2. Grade: 20W50
  2. Mobil-1
    1. Web site: https://mobiloil.com/en/motor-oils/mobil-1
    2. Grade: Create a blend of 55% 0W40, 45% 15W50
    3. Top off oil: 15W50

Recommended Break-In Procedure

Initial Run In

  • Fill with LAT 20W50 non-synthetic oil for break in or equivalent.
  • Run light for 500-800 miles.
    • No full throttle runs.
    • Use it...don't abuse it!

Drain the oil

  • Drain the oil.
  • Do NOT change the oil filter.

Flushing the Break-In Oil

This procedure is used to flush the Break-In oil. You will NOT be driving the car with this oil. Don't use your expensive running oil for this procedure. Use something a little cheaper.

  • Fill with Mobil-1 15W50 oil.
    • Full fill is not required.
    • 80% capacity is good enough.
  • Start the engine, and let it warm up.
    • Run the engine for a few minutes, maybe 3-5 minutes.
    • Rev the throttle up to about 3000-4000 RPMs once or twice.
    • Be very gentle.
  • Drain the oil.
  • Change the oil filter.
  • Fill engine with your target running oil: Recommended LAT 20W50.

Final Break-In

  • Fill with LAT 20W50 synthetic, or the proper weight oil of your choice.
  • Run the car.
  • Gradually increase the power over the next few thousand KM.
  • Have fun.

Oil Change Intervals

  • Change oil BEFORE every track use.
  • If you have a heavy racing use, then change oil every 3000 miles.
  • Under normal use, change oil every 5000-6000 miles.