Companies running in the Health Care Industry in Scandinavia

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Anthrop Pharmaceuticals AB is a company operating in the Health Care Industry in Scandinavia and was founded in 2003 with the mission to provide high strategic skills in marketing and sales, distribution and logistics to the Pharmaceutical and Medtech industry.

The company's work in contract sales and business development is concentrated on market and sales management and processes through in-depth understanding in the majority of therapeutic areas including retail and consumer marketing.

Founded by Peter Prahl in 2003, Anthrop Pharmaceuticals' long term vision is to continue in branching out the company and become a leading Pharmaceutical company which is going to be achieved through collaborations and acquisitions.

The independent pharmaceutical companies Anthrop Pharmaceuticals from Sweden and TwinPharma (the Netherlands) recently signed up with forces in order to reach out to more than 50 million Europeans situated in 7 countries: The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland.

The company aim is to put pharmaceuticals in the marketplace that up to now were not available in the Benelux and/or Nordic area of Europe. Medicines with added value for the patient and the assigned doctor.

By concentrating on searching for pharmaceuticals in niche areas, Anthrop Pharma and TwinPharma provides a single point of contact for 7 European nations and the force of 2 dedicated, successful and skilled advertising and sales companies.

QPharma, developed in 1999 in Malmö, Sweden, is a Specialised Pharmaceutical Service company in the Nordic Group that is committed to pharmaceutical development and speciality contract production.

Led by MD Kenneth Stokholm, QPharma has a viewpoint of regularly optimising its effectiveness and being a lean, extremely competent production and item development organization.

The QPharma chemists, pharmacists and formula professionals have comprehensive know-how in pharmaceutical development, including formula development, analytical techniques, stability studies and pilot plant screening.

This pharmaceutical development and manufacturing know-how is particularly noticeable in the field of products based on controlled-release innovations and controlled-release vaginal ring innovations. In addition to the development and manufacture of these formulations, QPharma has know-how in fluid and other solutions too.

QPharma can produce restricted drugs, such as oncology products and hormones, in a dedicated production suite within its centers.

The QPharma product packaging division can provide an equally impressive range of services, ranging from small volumes in glass jars to millions of packed blister tablets.