A summary of a major British charity aiding food and health

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The Food for Life Partnership is a union of 5 domestic foundations, which provide both expertise and experience of producing long lasting transformation. Led by the Soil Association, a prominent charity encouraging healthy and sustainable food and farming, the joint venture attracts the skills and experience of the Health Education Trust, Garden Organic, Focus on Food and, since 2013, the Royal Society for Public Health - each pioneers within their field.

Along with creating a functional relationship that produced their very effective program, they even make up the Food for Life Partnership Board, chaired by Helen Browning OBE, CEO of the Soil Association, which regulates all their campaigns.

Each affiliate runs separately in its own right to support wellbeing-centered initiatives-- yet together they have shown that they are so much stronger.

The first 5 years of the Food for Life Partnership was backed by £ 16.9 million by the Big Lottery Fund, the biggest vendor of National Lottery charity funding.

The Big Lottery Fund aid for the collaboration originates from its £ 165m Well-being programme, which gives funding to aid the progression of better lifestyles and to improve wellness.

Advocates of the Food for Life Partnership

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall: "The optimistic impact from the work is absolutely unambiguous. It is proven academically, yet moreover it's shown in the bright eyes and active attitude of the kids and the wonderful commitment of their educators."

Jamie Oliver: "I am enormously encouraged by the achievements of the Food for Life Partnership. This evidence testifies what the greatest educators understand - that diet education and school food does not merely have a huge effect on kids' health, it even helps them to focus and succeed in class. The Food for Life Partnership is doing an amazing task making sure that no child finishes school not able to cook or are unsure where their food originates from."

Fern Britton: "Teenagers in Food for Life Partnership schools are growing, cooking and eating fresh, seasonal, local and natural food, and reconnecting with the farms that cultivate their food. These kids and their families are enjoying good food and best of all, it's providing them what will be a few of the most enjoyable experiences of their school lives."

Lady Bamford: "The future of good, healthy food rests with our children and youths. With the necessary guidance they can be inspired to care, given access to discover, and passed the tools to learn. We set up the Daylesford Foundation to help with leadership, and to encourage the future generation to appreciate eco friendly, organic foods."