‘Spore Prints’ and Special Celebrations at the At-Bristol exhibition.

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At-Bristol was chaotic with a few distinctive activities last September.

The Daylesford Foundation held their first cuisine centreed ‘Toddler Takeover’ where the entire setting is converted for a day and is launched exclusively to under 5's along with their parents.

Over 300 tiny adventurers got hands on with fruit and veg under the expert instruction of Jo Inglby, tutor and chef at Demuth's vegetarian culinary school and chef in residence at Redcliffe Children's Centre, Food Heroes in BBC Food & Farming Awards 2014.

At-Bristol was among the places open for the European project 'Bright Night' where hundreds of specialists from regional colleges took over open venues and shared their research and areas of study with less than 900 members of the public.

As part of the event the At-Bristol food exhibit played sponsor to Bristol University geneticists and botanists. The interactive cooking area turned out particularly loved by an attentive crowd watching on.

Fresh mushrooms were the flavour of the month in the Greenhouse. Visitors have also been bringing mushrooms home and sending in photos with their mushroom spore prints.

The charity is taking advantage of harvest time and the flood of vegetables in its 'seasonal saloon' juicing activity where by patrons have the chance to make their own unique veggie beverages and discover a bit about the nutritional value of the fruit and vegetables in the process.

In winter The Foundation is preoccupied doing preparations for half term, among the most hectic weeks in the At-Bristol calendar. During the week it'll even hosting apple pressing courtesy of the National Trust and sporting plenty of additional day-to-day activities.

About the Daylesford Foundation director:

Originally from Nottingham, Lady Carole Bamford moved to London where she found and married Anthony Bamford in 1974.

She formed her eponymous Charitable Trust in 2000 and has helped to develop local community centres and schools close to JCBs plants in India. In Latin America, the Fundacao foundation launched in 2009 in addition to an Early Childhood Development in Savannah, Georgia, which opened in 2007.

In 2006 she was honoured with an OBE for services to kids and families. She continues to function closely with the Slow Food Movement and Soil Association, endeavouring to maintain the environment and to help in animal well-being. She supports school and humanitarian campaigns-- especially those which focus on children and woman globally.