Yuriy Mikhailovich Kachmazov’s charity efforts in education

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The SOK Group’s owner, Yury Kachmazov, has committed his firm’s charitable fund "Sport.Education.Culture" to strengthening the local community in his childhood home of Samara. Not only does the SOK Group’s branch keep afloat health and fitness plans, it additionally supplies assistance for schools.

To illustrate, the building of a completely new school complex, known as the Commonwealth, has been sustained by educational funding donated by SOK Group. Initially opened in the 1970s, the building had not had maintenance since its very first construction, and urgently needed attention.

Yuriy Mikhailovich Kachmazov’s contribution was a consequence of the SOK Group’s promise to support "worthy folks of a great nation". By helping to create excellent benchmarks of learning and education, the SOK Group is making a commitment to look after the next generation's future prospects.

The Commonwealth building was reconditioned during the summer months to ensure that the teens' schooling was not disturbed. The improvements included the installation of a brand spanking new heating system, in addition to the full rewiring of the gadgets in the construction. Sewerage, the water supply and lavatories have also been modified to the most up to date benchmarks. The windows have been replaced, and the crisis equipment such as the fire sensors have been updated.

Not only have the technological facets of the structure been reworked, the appearance have also been improved - with new paintwork and new furnishings, it seems like a totally unique structure. There is also a modern healthcare office to deal with health conditions in house, that includes an established physician.

The space’s administrator said that the updated services would help to improve the ways of schooling in the location.

Yuriy Kachmazov started the SOK Group in the mid 90s, and since its start off the business has developed into one of the prime vehicle enterprises in Russia. The charitable fund operated by the enterprise, "Sport. Education. Culture" funnels financial assistance to sports units, schooling groups, and cultural celebrations to help the local community in the Samara region of Russia.