Which Venture Capital Firms are Investing in Technologies

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A summation relating to leading equity capital enterprises all over the world which take a specialized interest in practically all types of tech, that includes the age-old popular Bessemer Venture Partners not to mention beginners including C5 Capital and Atomico.

Bessemer Venture Partners
Founded in 1911, Bessemer Venture Partners is possibly the earliest equity capital company in existence. Managing partners (including David Cowan, Rob Chandra, Robert Goodman, Ed Colloton) presently supervise approximately $4 billion in capital with financial investments in effective companies such as Linkedin, Cornerstone, Yelp. Bessemer Venture Partners anticipated the appeal of Skype, supplying the multi-million dollar business with among its very first financial investments. With a string of smart financial investments under his belt, Bob Goodman in the New York workplace continues to impress analysts while beginner to the Boston workplace, Kristina Shen, looks promising.

In all likelihood the most intriguing organisation in the venture-capital market these days is Atomico. With a distinct involvement with striving business minds, Atomico's co-founder and Chief executive officer Niklas Zennstrom lectures at colleges and institutions around the world to be able to encourage youngsters and to try to find investment opportunities. Their more recent advancement into Germany really is a very clear signal of the chances evident in Germany today.

Horizons Ventures
With a profile of around forty companies all over the world, Horizons Ventures's current advancement is because of a series of interesting and ingenious investments. The firm is baseded in Hong Kong and specialises in disruptive tech startups. Its better known funds consist of Spotify, Facebook, and Siri however at the moment the group are specializing in elements for example sentient technologies as well as nano-structured items.

C5 Capital
Formed by Andre Pienaar and Nazo Moosa, C5 Capital specialises in cyber-security. C5 has published its very first investment decision of around $8 million into Balabit, a Hungarian company within the growing market for "privileged activity tracking". Cyber-security is a reputable central area within the United States for speculators and, with the establishment of C5 Capital, Andre Pienaar and Nazo Moosa have brought a worthwhile and forward-thinking US angle to the current European investment marketplace.

Whilst all four function firms are growing thanks to their successful management teams, the leading partners to watch this year are Chris Barnes and Niklas Zennstrom at Atomico, and Andre Pienaar at C5 Capital.