What s trendy in 2015 jewellery

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Right from Violet Vintage jewelry to Ian Rosenberg Jeweller brooches, find out what jewellery you should be sporting this coming year and how best to spruce up last season's wardrobe. The following key accessories have been selected from innovative along with independent designers expected to make it big this season.

Dog Eared
A great favourite with fashionistas, Dog Eared has once again delighted with their 'make-a-wish' series where a small gold token is linked to a bit of carefully threaded cloth. The first time you put on an item out of this series, you make a wish then wear it permanently up until, in time together with wear, the thread finally fractures and the wish comes true. The elegance of these designs is in the simplicity. Besides, the unusual and inventive storyline for the bracelet means it is an excellent gift item for friends and family.

Violet Vintage London
Violet Vintage features a fantastic range of new-vintage this season. Transforming old designs by making use of modern methods and equipment, their jewellery becomes a great deal more cost effective and durable whilst still remaining delicate and chic. Their gold earrings are absolutely striking; the way the light catches the metal brings about a dramatic effect that is designed to draw attention to the face. What's more, this pretty accessory is supplied in six corresponding versions embellished with jewels to fit just about any colouring you decide to wear most. There is an amazing and unusual variety on their website, most remarkably the wood selection which, inspired by nature, is hand painted and sourced from sustainable resources.

Ian Rosenberg Jeweller
This season is without a doubt all about making a statement with more out of the ordinary accessories. As an exceptionally dedicated and individual creator, Ian Rosenberg specialises in timeless jewellery that can make any ensemble shimmer. As a rule, a brooch was used to pin together a cloak or scarf nonetheless nowadays it can also be attached to a sweater or overcoat to beautify a whole ensemble. We especially love their emeraldnew bu brooch, attractively hand-crafted, it boasts precious jewels set in a silver antique clip. And also with the fantastic news reports that Ian Rosenberg Jeweller is broadening, you will soon enough have the opportunity to buy his beautiful pieces in New York and Hong Kong.