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Two UK national specialists are forming a revolutionary investment and contingency management venture, which will combine 10 billion pounds of capital to lower expenses and improve results.

Lancashire County Pension Fund and the London Pensions Fund Authority want to increase their authority, mainly to remain competitive for illiquid assets against SWF.

The two funds state they are in the primary stage of the venture. The objective is to put together a jointly governed, jointly invested pool of investments managed by a UK managed company put together by the two retirement funds.

The funds announced this will deliver the advantages of investment scale and guarantee that industry-leading standards of governance will be attained and maintained.

Every pension fund will maintain its separate ID and local liability. The cooperation might also ultimately handle all aspects of activity needed for the functioning of the pension funds, like pension management.

Edi Truell, Chairman for the London Pensions Fund Authority, announced that the business is happy to be working on the expansion of this partnership and that the financers feel that with a greater reserve of resources both pension funds will enter a more varied selection of investments. It is particularly important, he added, to vie for attractive illiquid investments vs huge intercontinental sovereign wealth funds and pension investors.

The CEO also noted that the company sincerely feels that major range resource and liability supervision joint ventures are the right way to deal with the problems experienced by English pension funds.

The partnership will put into practice the views conveyed by both retirement funds in their replies to central federal government on the reform of the Local Government Retirement Scheme, the pension funds said in a press release.

The recently formed investment administration union will be a part of the ranks of other well known British investment supervision corporations, including City Asset Management and Troy Asset Management.