The very best Cotswold attractions explained

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This is an outstanding place to trial English gourmet food. With herbs produced in the Manor's own backyard, a calm dining facility with a lovely viewpoint and a diverse alcohol list, you can test appetizers such as dill-dressed Cornish crab with jellied plum tomato essence, roasted fillet of pollock with sweet potato puré and organic egg custard pie with Italian cookies. There isn't anything that's too daring, but both sensible and satisfying. Buckland Manor is likewise a lodge.

The Cowley Manor cooking is overseen by head chef Robin Smith and Mark Hix, formerly of The Caprice Group, and together they create menus focused on natural and local ingredients. It is the place to visit if you feel peckish for food such as Savoy cabbage and apple marmalade, wild boar steak with black pudding mash or stuffed saddle of Cotswold wild rabbit with forest mushrooms, tarragon sauce and butter onions. Cowley Manor is additionally a hotel.

This old fashioned English tea and treats store and coffee shop is located within an enthralling 17th century Cotswold household. The teas are amazing, as are the scones and cakes. Don't miss your chance to try Tisanes' secret weapon, the walnut and coffee treat.

Badgers Hall, which is a cosy bed & breakfast in stunning Chipping Campden, has one of the most popular Gloucestershire tea areas on its property. Owners Paul and Karen, who got the household in '96, serve green teas (and caffeinated drinks) the whole day alongside nutritious pastries and brownies prepared by Paul personally every morning. If anything ever was unquestionably English, this is most likely it.

The greatest pick-your-own in the region, with blackcurrants, strawberries, raspberries, gooseberries, tayberries, plums and apples.

Customers at Lady Bamford’s Wild Rabbit are as immaculately attired - in Liberty-print Barbour jackets and camel cashmere rollnecks - as the bistro, which is hiding behind the bar and more spacious (natural light spills in from gigantic glass panes). The menus have fabulous detailed fonts, and the plates, a lovely rabbit line-illustration. From the wide open cooking area came an entree of crab pasta as fresh and light as any made in Italy which was swimming in a rich bisque and sizable scallop. For the main, a hunk of steak was seared properly in an oven and was dished up with Jenga-piece potato chips. Pear was smothered in pastry and submerged in toffee like an apple in the autumn.