The reason luxury cruises are more popular than before

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Vacation cruises are among the favourite vacation choices, and it's unsurprising that ship operators bring in major revenue from promoting spectacular locations and tranquil trips over the sea.

The cruise ship industry has watched traveller figures increase in the past few years, showing the popularity of this distinct hospitality and travel sector. The planet's biggest cruise ship companies have remained mostly unchanged by the economic crisis because of the popularity of the vacation option.

Below are the biggest cruise line firms of 2015, based on market accounts.

1. Carnival Corporation & plc

This international cruise corporation has a reputation on the ocean; they were formerly the Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company in the nineteenth century. Their fleet comprise more than a hundred ships with cruise operations readily available predominantly in the US. Its noteworthy vessels include the Carnival Destiny, the original ship that is larger than the greatest ocean liner.

Their significant executives comprise Micky Arison, the outbound Chairman, CEO and majority stakeholder in the firm; and Arnold W. Donald, the latest CEO as recognized in July 2013.

2. Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd

The second biggest luxury cruise ship operator globally, Royal Caribbean Cruises was set up in 1997, and functions as an umbrella corporation for 5 cruise lines. The business's cruise lines have won numerous honours, including the Cruise Critics Award 2013 for "Best for Fitness" and "Best for Embarkation", as well as Travel Weekly's Globe Award for "Best Mainstream Cruise Company". It has over forty vessels under their control.

Prominent figures feature Stuart Leven, the new MD from October 2013; Eyal Ofer, real estate tycoon and investor; and International CEO and President Adam Goldstein.

3. Star Cruises.

The third largest luxury cruise operator presents most of their fare to the Asia-Pacific market, and is normally reported to be liable for launching the cruise line enterprise to the land. It can additionally serve North America and Europe. They have a quantity of 19 vessels.

Significant characters include the existing Chair, Tan Sri Lim Kok Thay, who is the son of Malaysia's Genting Highlands resort founder.

4. MSC Cruises.

This Mediterranean firm is the fourth biggest globally for cruise lines, holding offices in 43 nations. They have twelve ships in their fleet, with ideas to grow in the coming years. The company specializes in the Mediterranean market all year long yet has a worldwide array of locations to tour.

Notable individuals include Gianni Onorato, the new Chief Executive Officer since September 2013; and Pierfrancesco Vago, ex-CEO but now the Exec Chairman.

5. Louis Cruises.

This Cypriot cruiseline is the 5th biggest on the planet, with a heritage looking back over 80 years. Its fleet primarily functions in the regions of Greece, Italy, Cyprus, France and India, and possesses 5 ships under their possession. The founder, Louis Louizou, is often regarded as the so-called father of the Cypriot tourism sector.

Important characters involve the Chief Executive Officer, Kyriakos (Kerry) Anastassiadis, that was hired in early 2012.