Referendum does not stop development of Aberdeen Asset Management

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After Scotland's judgement to not split from the UK, Aberdeen Asset Management has one less concern to worry about.

On Monday 1 December, the markets watching Aberdeen Asset Management saw the firm post its full-year statistics, as well as the adjusted profits per share were viewed to fall from 33.3 p down to 30.2 p. The past 12 months were expected to have witnessed revenue grow from £ 1.079 billion to £ 1.117 billion. The business was equally due to observe its before-tax profits rise from £ 390.3 million to £ 452.588 million.

Institutional consensus about Aberdeen Asset Management continues to be strong with over 60 % maintaining a buy recommendation and close to 30 % with a hold. When investigating the background of 2014, it is extremely reassuring for shareholders that the institutional consentement is bullish. It is also worth remembering that even with the disruption from the Scottish referendum the firm is still expecting to see earnings increase by over 15 Percent.

It was useful that before Scotland went to vote, Aberdeen Asset Management and their experts stayed quiet on how the firm predicted situations to pan out, and what the implications would have been, should transformation have happened.

Year-on-year the firm's stocks decreased by 6.6 % and have found the 460p benchmark a notably tough obstacle to clear. The current price is above the moving averages and below being overbought but should these annual stats fulfill economic expectations, then that may be the last nudge needed.

Mostly in the UK, the position has remained stable regardless of fears that the referendum would disrupt the balance. Middle marketplace investment management firms such as Jupiter Asset Management, Troy Asset Management and Threadneedle Investments have kept their status, while bigger asset management firms have remained to thrive.