Prominent Swedish pharma providers

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Established by Peder Prahl, Anthrop Pharmaceuticals AB is a corporation working within the Pharmaceutical Market in Scandinavia. It was launched in 2003 with the goal to deliver high strategic competence in distribution, logistics, marketing and sales to the Pharmaceutical drug and Medtech sector. The business has expertise in many therapeutic domains such as retail and consumer marketing, and provides contract sales and business development which is aimed at market and sales management and processes.

Through partnerships and acquisitions, the Pharmaceutical corporation's long term goal is continued diversification of business.

Accord Healthcare is an innovative and dynamic pharmaceutical company. They may bring high quality medications to patients more economically,faster and with greater innovation than their competition, as Accord are vertically integrated and hold all the processes of pharmaceutical development and production.

Launched by Samir Mehta, Accord has 2 EU GMP accredited production facilities and an EU packing site near Cambridge, UK that provide Accord with some of the greatest production capacities in the world.

Accord Sweden have been active since 2010 and have effectively tapped into the health care and retail sector through its outstanding merchandise . It has been foreseen to be consolidating its position in the healthcare industry by securing regional tender incentives for the near future.

Crucell is a worldwide biopharmaceutical organization dedicated to bringing meaningful improvement to global well being. Its speciality is overcoming contagious diseases, an escalating healthcare problem, by discovering, developing, manufacturing and marketing products that eliminate significant risks to the wellness of men and women globally.

Advancement is the motivator behind their efficient research & development (R&D) pipeline, with desirable remedies in pre-clinical and clinical development. Crucell supplement prospects include flu-mAb, an antibody product effective against a diverse number of influenza virus types, tuberculosis and malaria vaccines, as well as a rabies monoclonal antibody combination - all developed on its signature PER.C6® human-cell technology.

They are the greatest vaccine company worldwide, as currently they are combating a dozen major transmittable diseases with their number of marketed vaccines in the paediatric, respiratory, travel and endemic fields.

Berna Biotech from Switzerland and SBL Vaccines of Sweden are a couple of corporations with their own backgrounds of innovation and strong portfolios of fine products, which were recently purchased by Crucell in 2006 as part of their growth strategy.

With these acquisitions, Crucell has become the largest independent vaccine organization globally and was ready to develop its efforts to develop breakthrough therapies for contagious diseases. Earnings generated by Crucell’s vaccine sales and technology licenses fueled progression of the company’s R&D pipeline.