Prime energy sector supplier and board associates responsibilities

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Kuala Limited is registered in Guernsey, is self-supervised, and is named on England's AIM Stock Trading Market

The company's investing strategy is to acquire projects and/or organisations and/or devote funds to within the natural resources and/or energy sector with likelihood of progress. It is projected that the geographical focal point will primarily be Africa, nevertheless, investments may also be considered in other zones to the extent that the Board checks that worthwhile opportunities can be found and profits are possible. In deciding on financial investment business opportunities, the Advisory Panel will give attention to properties and assets, corporations and/or projects that are offered at rewarding valuations and have the possibility to uncover inlayed value.

The Group is ran by the Management Board of Company Directors, which involves one Exec and one Non-Executive Director.

The obligations of the Panel of Company Directors are laid out directly below:

Guiding of the corporation's Investing Policy and overall accountability for the business's corporate assets such as the review of investment activity and performance;
Making certain that market and regulatory and market challenges and financing wants are adequately evaluated and that the commitments of a public group are honoured; and
Putting into action ideal business governance criteria and managing the effectiveness of corporation's process of internal control.

Stephen R. Dattels (Executive Chairman) co-established UraMin Inc. which was bought in 2007 for US$2.5 bn to Areva. He was a decisive exec at Barrick Gold Corporation through its inception from 1982 prior to 1987. He has finalised quite a few financings in the natural resources and energy sphere, either directly or via his family operated mercantile bank, Regent Mercantile Bancorp Inc. and other financial investment firms. He is currently non-exec Co-President of Regent Pacific Group Limited. He was the past Chairman and owner of Caledon Resources plc, a chairman of Extract Resources Limited and co-president of Oriel Resources plc, co-president and Executive Co-Director of Polo Resources Limited, Executive Chairman of West African Minerals Corporation, and a president of GCM Resources plc. Steve Dattels has a degree from McGill Uni, he was awarded the status of J.D. from the University of Western Ontario and has finalized the Program for Administration Development at Harvard University.

Ian Burns is the creator and Senior Exec President of Via Executive Limited, an administration consulting and advice company, and the CEO of Regent Mercantile Holdings Ltd., an independently ran capital investment business. He is a past Finance Director of Polo Resources Limited, a London AIM-authorised natural resources investment business, and a nonexecutive director of Phaunos Timber Fund Ltd., a $6 000 000 group listed on the LSE. He is also non-exec director of a few capital investment funds and fund administration agencies. He is an associate of both the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Wales and England and the Chartered Institute Securities and Investment.