Prep school headmaster speaks about preparatory classes potential to provide opportunities to manifest talents interests and to discover long term hobbies

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Richard Foster, Headmaster at Windlesham House School, has explained how the institution actively works to strengthen the abilities and pastimes for each each kid in their care.

When motivating mums and dads to send their children to a boarding school early on in their lives, the level of all-inclusive schooling needs to be of paramount significance. So as to gain his / her educational, community and physical potential a kid needs to be happy in his or her setting. Mothers and fathers are kept completely informed, with regular communication from their daughter or son and, certainly, their Tutors, Houseparent etc. The accessibility of the telephone, Skype and email means that families are in very close contact with each other regularly.

Nurturing a kid’s natural abilities and providing everybody with each and every opportunity to reach their potential is a vital element of the UK Preparatory Boarding Institution ethos. There is a genuine decision to inspire and help every single boy or girl uncover what they like, where his or her gifts are and how they might best cultivate and work with these natural abilities.

Whether it is in Drama, ICT, DT, Music, sport or Art, there are staff with substantial experience and skills who are enthusiastic about their subject matter. What is most definitely vital in regards to a preparatory school setting is that the same employees are nearby to support, instruct and motivate the young ones over and above the usual school day. To have this support on site early in the mornings right up until bedtime, seven days each week, goes a long way to clarifying why kids feel so animated, excited and eager to evolve their abilities and talents.

Outdoor activity is an intrinsic component of the programs at Windlesham House School and the young ones take part in workout routines every day. Every boy or girl participates in organised group sports and there is the chance for every person to represent their group and the school in matches.

There is importance placed on trying one’s hardest for the good of the group, and of understanding how to triumph and how to lose with dignity. ‘Powerful bodily: strong in mind’ is tantamount to Preparatory Institution life.