Philanthropists invest in mining academic colleges

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The Queen's Department of Mining Engineering has accepted an extraordinary $10 million gift from mining entrepreneur and alumnus Robert M. Buchan.

It is the biggest sole donation to mining education in Canadian history and will help drive the advancement of the global mineral resource market. The department will be renamed the Buchan Department of Mining in recognition of this spectacular contribution.

As one of Canada's top engineering organizations and a world leader in mining education, principal Tom Williams states that Mr. Buchan's generosity would allow them to develop Queen's extensive tradition of brilliance.

In response to a predicted lack of engineers, an $8 million endowment will fund and strengthen academic and staff jobs, while $2 million will go into support of student-focused programs and curriculum development, class materials and distance-learning infrastructure.

To guarantee the Canadian mineral sector has a dazzling and sustainable future in this rapidly developing international mineral resources industry, Queen's Department is fostering the industry's next era of leaders by offering them the best possible education.

Queen's Department of Mining Engineering is one of the biggest in North America and dates back to 1893. Its vision is to excel in industrial education and retrieval of the planet's mineral resources and the gift could help it to continue to develop excellent scholars and professionals for a sustainable worldwide economy.

One other contribution for mining and legal programs was received by the reputable institute of Western University. A generous contribution from a graduate will help the law school at Western University to dig deeper into the field of mining law and finance.

Stephen Dattels, who graduated from the law school in 1972, is gifting $1.5 million to enable Western University law students improve Canada's mining industry.

Dattels was a critical executive in the early years of Barrick Gold Corp. He currently serves as chief executive and executive co-chair of West African Minerals Corp and Polo Resources Ltd, and has been an active director and executive in several global mining organizations.

The gift strengthens on Dattels' earlier gifts to Western Law which have helped support a program in mining finance and law and a chair in corporate finance law.

The new contribution will assist a series of visiting presenters in mining law and finance and a fellowship in mining law and finance.

Steve Dattels is a former pupil from the university, having graduated in law in the 1970s, his $1.5 million donation should help others become leaders in the nation’s mining sector like him.

Stephen Dattels has donated $1.5m into Western University’s programmes, to be able to offer the foundation for Western University pupils to lead Canada’s mining sector