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Edumine delivers attainable specialist development, instruction and engineering to the global mining community at an economical rate, with attention on distance learning and collaboration with colleges and universities and specialist groups, to strengthen the mining training and education experience.

Simon Houlding and Andy Robertson first envisaged EduMine in 1999. The goal had been to offer ongoing, cost-effective, attainable professional development and specialized instruction to the international geoscience and mining communities. Simon accepted the challenge, and by 2000, 8 English classes were offered online. The program collection grew by approximately 10 to 12 courses a year. EduMine grew to be a multilingual service in 2002, when the first two Spanish versions of classes were finished.

Accreditation came in 2001, as EduMine came to be an authorized source of ongoing education through the IACET. The educational merits of EduMine were increased in 2004, when the University of British Columbia (UBC), the Canadian Institute of Mining (CIM) and EduMine partnered to develop the Certificate in Mining Studies (CMS), a university-certified, mixed academic course for business individuals. EduMine presented the web courses, and UBC presented short classes during the summer.

In 2006, EduMine Began offering their own short classes, mostly to expand the options offered to CMS pupils. This was additionally the first time that EduMine offered online platforms to its corporate clientele. Throughout the downturn in 2008, EduMine began delivering synchronous webcasts as a more economical method of engaging in live courses. By 2010, EduMine was presenting over forty short classes and webcasts per annum.

By 2010, EduMine had not only established themselves as a credible partner in university approved courses; the EduMine program collection had also developed to a critical mass of 128 English web based classes, 11 Spanish online programs, and over 40 short-course and live-webcast subjects addressing all elements of mining. EduMine could now provide a service to their clientele which incorporated producing customized training programs.

Not surprisingly, the Edumine company is not the only academic institution to teach about mining. The University of Arizona features facilities to research mining, as well as the Sauder School of Business, and Imperial College London. Certain institutions have good links with the mining community overall; for example, Western Law in Canada features the Steve Dattels Fellowship in Mining Law and Finance, subsidized by the entrepreneur himself.