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While mining becomes more of a vital subject worldwide, there has been an increase in certification pertaining to mining policies and laws. Knowing the legal ramifications of operating in mining and acquiring detailed knowledge of the policies particular to the mining sector is vital.

The following universities provide programs on Mining Law, in addition to similarly related topics.

Nottingham Trent University, United Kingdom

LLM Oil, Gas and Mining Law

This program will provide you with a solid analytical expertise in the key legislative concerns in the market, with a specialized awareness of the environmental law and investment law areas of the gas, mining and oil industries. It also makes use of the school's resources in international trade and commercial law, which will help learners to attain an appreciation of the oil, gas and mining industries in their global economic framework.

The LLM Oil, Gas and Mining Law provides the principles for a long term profession or further postgrad (PhD/MPhil) research in most facets of the regulatory and commercial realm, as they connect with the global energy field, with a particular attention to the mining and petroleum industries of this burgeoning field of economic activity.

The University of Arizona (James E. Rogers College of Law), United States

Specialization in Mining Law & Policy

The MLS Specialization in Mining Law benefits from the top-quality academic resources in mining and mining legislation attainable at the University of Arizona, such as the the Lowell Institute of Mines, the Department of Mines and Minerals, College of Law, and other science-associated departments, such as the Department of Geology.

Because of all these tools and the strong partnership amongst the law school and departments performing mining-affiliated research across campus, the institution can easily provide students both deep and broad education in a range of facets of mining, from the enterprise side of mining to regulation compliance with taxation, environmental, and human rights-related laws and norms.

Western Law, Canada

In Canada, mining matters, and Western Law is their leading business law school. With the mining field, a commitment to sustainability, community consultation, and corporate social responsibility are essential aspects of business performance. At Western Law, the college's solid commitment to coaching mining law recommendations presents law undergrads with a unique and practical opportunity to learn about this challenging worldwide industry.

Thanks to a substantial contribution from alumnus Stephen Dattels (LLB '72), Western Law has become Canada's leader in mining legislation and finance education. His donation supports the Stephen Dattels Visiting Pre-eminent Speakers in Mining Law and Finance Series and the Stephen Dattels January Term Fellowship in Mining Law and Finance.