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|'''Information saved in'''
|'''Information saved in'''

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Information saved in DME
Fault code 2B59 - P0128
Fault text Coolant thermostat monitoring
Fault description Coolant Thermostat (Coolant Temperature Below Thermostat Regulating Temperature)
Condition for fault identification Test condition: For the period K_TMOT_OBD_DIFF_T_DELTA the sensor deviates from the model by more than -25° Kelvin (K_TMOT_OBD_DIFF_HIGH)…
Terminal condition: Engine running
Voltage condition: None
Condition for fault memory entry Once during warm-up phase
Action in service 1. Replace thermostat
2. Perform electrical check on coolant sensor and replace as indicated
Fault effect and breakdown warning Engine warms to normal operating temperature very slowly / ineffective interior heating / MIL on after engine runs 2x
Driver information Warning light: MIL
Service instruction None