MSS60 Error: 27E4, P1209

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Information saved in DME
Fault code 27E4 - P1209
Fault text Vacuum sensor, brake booster, plausibility
Fault description Brake Booster Pump Shutoff Valve Plausibility
Condition for fault identification Test condition: Constant violations of activation threshold or vacuum gradient is too low during activation
. Terminal condition: TERM87
. Voltage condition: none
Condition for fault memory entry 5000 ms
Action in service 1. Check ELUP fuse,
. 2. Check wires,
. 3. Replace ELUP
Fault effect and breakdown warning CC message
. Engine speed limited
. Reduced power
. MIL after engine runs 2x
Driver information Warning light: MIL, EML, CC message, backup program
Service instruction None