MSS60 Error: 27C6, P2096

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==== 27C6 - P2096 ecuFault" |- |Information saved in |DME |- |Fault code |27C6 - P2096 |- |Fault text |Oxygen sensor, adaptation, trim control, bank 1 |- |Fault description |Post Catalyst Fuel Trim System Too Lean (Bank 1) |- |Condition for fault identification |Test condition: Adaptation value reaches MIN limit and hangs in this position |- |. |Terminal condition: Engine running |- |. |Voltage condition: Battery voltage > 9.8V (k_diag_tr_ub_min) |- |Condition for fault memory entry |Counter for recognition at adaptation limit >= (2x) K_LA_TRIM_DIAG_I_AD_MAX_SCHW |- |Action in service |1. Check the fuel system and the exhaust system for leaks |- |. |2. Check pre-cat and post-cat sensors and replace as indicated |- |Fault effect and breakdown warning |MIL on after engine runs 2x |- |Driver information |Warning light: MIL |- |Service instruction |none |}