MSS60 Error: 274A, P2626

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274A - P2626

Information saved in DME
Fault code 274A - P2626
Fault text Oxygen sensor pump current calibration fault before cat. converter, bank 1
Fault description O2 Sensor Pumping Current Trim Circuit/Open (Bank 1 Sensor 1)
Condition for fault identification Test condition: Oxygen sensor is available, oxygen sensor voltage > 4951 mV (K_LAVK_OBD_SA_DIAG_OL)
Terminal condition: Engine running - overrun condition
Voltage condition: None
Condition for fault memory entry after a defined SA phase the lag period K_LAVK_OBD_SA_T (2.5 sec) must be completed
Action in service 1. Check plug and wiring harness on pre-cat oxygen sensor LSVK B1 (especially trim circuit wire IA),
2. If OK, replace oxygen sensor, replace DME as indicated
Fault effect and breakdown warning MIL lamp on after engine runs 2x /Small influence on driveability
Driver information Warning light: MIL
Service instruction None