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====2743 - P0155====
{| class = "diyTable ecuFault"
|'''Information saved in'''
|'''Information saved in'''

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2743 - P0155

Information saved in DME
Fault code 2743 - P0155
Fault text Oxygen sensor heater resistance diagnosis before cat. converter, bank 2
Fault description O2 Sensor Heater Circuit (Bank 2 Sensor 1)
Condition for fault identification Test condition: The upper or lower threshold of the resistance values has been violated, above/below 6.0 ohms (K_LSHVK_DIAG_RU) 14.5 ohms (K_LSHVK_DIAG_RO)
Terminal condition: Engine running
Voltage condition: Battery voltage > 9V (k_ed_ubmin)
Condition for fault memory entry min. K_LSHVK_DIAG_ANZ_MESS (100) valid calculations of heater resistance - roughly.1.5 sec.
Action in service 1. DME software release must be more recent than 07-06-510, fix incorporated since 07-09-521
2. Check plug, wiring harness on pre-cat oxygen sensor LSVK B2,
3. If OK, replace oxygen sensor
Fault effect and breakdown warning MIL lamp on after engine runs 2x /Small influence on drivability
Driver information Warning light: MIL
Service instruction None