MSS60 Error: 2722, P0092

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Information saved in DME
Fault code 2722 - P0092
Fault text Fuel-pressure sensor, signal
Fault description Fuel Pressure Regulator 1 Control Circuit High
Condition for fault identification Test condition: Sensor value > 9.5 bar (K_PKS_DIAG_MAX)
Terminal condition: TERM87
Voltage condition: None
Condition for fault memory entry 5 ms
Action in service 1. Clear fault memory, PKS system test
2. Check plug and wiring harness to PKS
3. If OK, replace sensor
Fault effect and breakdown warning MIL lamp comes on after engine runs 2x
CC message / display for governed rpm / reduced power
Driver information Warning light: MIL, EML, CC message, backup program
Service instruction None