Investment sector improved by significant merger

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Swiss listed Gottex Fund Management, the innovative asset managers, have teamed up with the EIM Group to build a fresh firm worth roughly $10 billion by way of investments in management.

The shareholders in the company will handle 70 percent of the newly incorporated company, and the owner of EIM Group Arpad Busson will retain the post of non-executive chairman, while being the major shareholder in the business. The chairman and CEO of Switzerland-founded Gottex Fund Management, Joachim Gottschalk, will become the newly appointed CEO of the brand-new business.

EIM Group already manages around $3 billion worth of investments, and the latest merger should grow the current resources to a far more profitable amount. Gottex Fund Management is valued at roughly 91.1 million Swiss francs (£ 63 million). Arpad Busson's business was formed in 1992.

The merger will provide 14 million unique stocks, which will be given to the stakeholders of the previous business. The business will deliver a greater foundation for investments, focusing on an assortment of areas, but primarily concentrating on infrastructure and risk solutions.

The transaction symbolises a change for the two companies, though each Arpad Busson and Joachim Gottschalk have recognized that the new business will get their existing services to a whole new level, in line with current fund of funds firm leaders.

The new firm should be more effective, allowing both chief executive officers to save $10 - $12 million in the grouping of their headquarters and various other systems. EIM Group at present has roughly 50 personnel, with 15 located in the London vicinity, while Gottex Fund Management has 125 people, with 40 situated in the Capital.

The agreement occurred on account of a private connection between the two chief execs that has lasted more than 20 years, and the company will increase the scale of their current operations. The deal finished at the end of 2014.