How Nordic trend turned out to be incredibly popular at this time

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With Scandinavia (and Sweden in particular) being a den of fashion right now, we took a good look at the bloggers starting to make an impact by themselves.

Ulrikke at Ulrikke-lund

If this blog doesn’t have a placeholder placed between your most liked ones, you ought to do it this instant. Ulrikke is a non stop source of inspiration. This Brigitte Bardot-like belle is blogging from Norway’s Oslo, adorable in feminine skirts and not being afraid to put on tendencies differently.

Camille at Clamour 4 glamour

It’s frequently exhilarating to see someone messing around with fashion, letting their character express itself and create the style. For Camille from Denmark, style is enjoyable! And for me, it is even more fun to be impressed by this Scandinavian athletic minimalist.

Marie at Blame it on fashion

Marie is a Danish national working the Blame it on Fashion weblog. She has a singular hand in coming up with great combos while still trying to keep the outfit sophisticatedly balanced. So Scandinavian! It appears like turning one website platform for various sites is a growing trend in Scandinavia these days. Freshnet is the most notable example (see also Carolines Mode, Creators of Desire, Rodeo), so you’ll additionally get to discover other Danish style writers.

Madeleine at Bonjour vintage

Picture life in a pale shade old-fashioned photo of eye-catching Sweden. Filled with lighting and flower arrangements - that’s what Bonjour Vintage site feels like. A French brand is just the cherry on top. To round out the Pinterest-like effect, Madeleine really is a vintage boutique owner, so prepare for a trip to a parallel life.

Caroline at Carolines mode

Caroline learned how to revel in the currently fashionable normcore fashion. If you need to see the latest luxe pieces arranged so as to feel 100 % laid-back, ready your bookmark bar. Carolina also offers a platform for a great many other guest writers, so you will get to experience even more Scandinavian style.

Peder Prahl at Peter Prahl

A Swede Abroad might be a much better label for this weblog. In a listing brimming with ladies, Peter sticks up for the dudes with opinions on clothing, foodstuff and general lifestyle covering 2 countries. To grow his readership, he fairly recently started posting in both his native Swedish and English, definitely one to check for in 2015.

Kenza at Kenzas

It won’t be an inventory of the top blog writers without Kenza’s brilliance. To enjoy the fashion in the sphere of professional fashion bloggers, you ought to check out stylist Kenza. See her shop IvyRevel, that she co-created. It’s no coincidence that Nordic ladies are stated to be among the most breathtaking in Europe. However, I have to own up, she’s got Moroccan origins.

Isabelle at Isabelle Pedersen

Personal tales from one Scandinavian day to day life of Isabelle. Maybe you imagine it’s not really exclusive, but you should see for yourself how sublime those seized moments are. On occasion, Isabelle also posts some OOTD outfits to top off our creativity.

Magna at What Magna wore

You should definitely see this first just before following the url. It’s Magna's first Icelandic style weblog, but I wouldn’t expect it to be this unique. Magna is a healthcare professional, hypnotherapist, AND grandmother with an eclectic and kind of genuine old-fashioned style. Her loving daughters decided to make this blog to share the free character in this elegant sweetheart. After typical youthful blogs, this is a delightful shift, right?

Maria at

Maria comes from Oslo, but presently doing a degree in fashion design in NY. Let’s find out what everyday living in the Big Apple means with a Norwegian tomboy style.

Ebba at Ebba zingmark

Meet Ebba, the 18-year-old red-hair model from Sweden. (Yes, that’s the mixture.) It’s hard not to praise her beauty and be taken with this bright youthful soul.