Engine Specs - S54 Rod Bolts

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Rod Bolt Comparisons

The S54 has two different types of connecting rod bolts. The torque procedure for each is different.

  • Type-1: M11 x 1.25 mm thread pitch. 12 mm bi-hexagonal bolt head.
  • Type-2: M10 x 1.25 mm thread pitch. E12 Torx bolt head.

OEM Rod Bolts (M11 x 1.25, 12mm bi-hex bolt head)

SPEC: OEM: Torque procedure

Torque Angle
30 Nm 70 degrees
Remove bearing cap  
30 Nm 70 degrees

Make sure you are starting with new rod bolts.  Factory rod bolts must be replaced once used.

  1. Lubricate rod bolt threads and connecting rod cap bore holes with appropriate thread lubricant.
  2. Torque to 20-Nm, then using a torque-angle gauge tighten another 130-degrees.
  3. Remove bolts.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3
  5. Repeat steps 1, 2.

SPEC: OEM: Clamping Force

  • Clamping Force: Approximately 11000 pounds force.