Could your children benefit from boarding school in the south of England

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Bede's summer faculty, Eastbourne, is built high on a high cliff with spectacular panoramas over the overall gulf of Eastbourne, in close proximity to the breathtaking South Downs and within easy reach of the beach. Found just on the edge of the coastal vacation resort of Eastbourne, this compact centre, founded in the 19th century, creates the sense of a family home, featuring a compassionate, secure and joyful atmosphere for our youngest children.

Lessons: There are 20 hrs of tuition per week (4 hrs every day) including English Proficiency, Foreign Language Activities, Project Lessons and History Time. Rookies will be taught following an intensive English course.

Programme: There is a complete plan consisting of training lessons and a wide range of fun-filled activities, athletics, clubs and Athletics Academy alternatives to choose between. There are night time social entertainment functions and there are a pair of excursions weekly.

Overnight accommodation: Most sleeping rooms have 4-8 beds and have a bed, wardrobe and sometimes bedside cabinets. Bathrooms are shared.

Windlesham House School, which was the first institution in the state to be founded as a preparatory school, was established in 1837 and has been headquartered its present area since the 1930s. Windlesham is based on lands spanning 65 acres / 26 hectares of South Downs countryside in the UK south. It is nearby the coastal holiday resort of Worthing and within easy reach of Brighton and London, in addition to Gatwick and Heathrow Airports. The airy campus encourages a true sense of liberty and this, along with its safe and secure placement, helps make it the perfect institute for teens.

Lessons: There are 22 1/2 working hours of classes in a week (4 1/2 hrs daily) including Foreign Language Activities, English language Competencies and Project Lessons. Rookies will be taught following a rigorous English study course. Groups sizes reach no more than fourteen girls and boys.

Accommodation: Most sleeping quarters have between 3-6 beds. Master bedrooms have a bed and wardrobe space and loos are communal. Some lodging dwellings have their individual social rooms for girls and boys to relax.

Programme: There is a complete program and this includes training and a wide variety of clubs, fun-filled activities, sports and Sports Academy alternatives to select from. There are evening social gatherings and there are 2 outings per week.

The Dicker Centre is a splendid faculty, based in the rural township of Upper Dicker in the heart of the Sussex landscapes, near the coast resort of Eastbourne.

The college is located in an original country villa with premises spanning 80 acres / 32 hectares, whose houses form the heart of academia, overnight accommodation and fun-filled activities for pupils.

The college campus has an exceptional, domestic atmosphere, which shapes a home away from home for our students and results in a real sense of community and independence. There are exceptional sports facilities at Dicker.

Housing: Most sleeping quarters have up to a maximum of four beds and have a bed and wardrobe and at times a study table. Toilets are shared. Some boarding residences have their own communal locations for boys and girls to rest.

Activities: There is an extensive activity plan consisting of instructional classes and a wide range of sports, activities, clubs and Sports Academy alternatives to choose between. There are night time social occasions and there are 2 tours each week. Call them to see a sample plan.

Lessons: There are 22 and a half school hours of training each week (four and a half hours per day) including Project Lessons, English language Skills and Vocabulary Activities. Rookies follow an in depth English course.