Businessman from the kingdom of Saudi Arabia to found news station

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The Saudi millionaire business owner Prince Alwaleed bin Talal is to kick off an Arabic satellite breaking news channel, pledging to "bring something new" in a crowded field. Bahrain-located Alarab News Channel, reporting in Arabic, said a couple of days ago that its unveiling on 1 February 2015 would create a brand-new style of media broadcasting in the Middle East and overseas.

By means of his Riyadh-located [ Kingdom Holding Co], Alwaleed has extended investment operations that include deluxe international resorts as well as global media companies News Corp and Time Warner.

Established pan-Arab satellite television stations have been held responsible for reflecting the political views of their founders, particularly following the 2011 Arab Spring insurrections in opposition to autocratic governments in the Middle East and the North of Africa.

Alarab will enter a market completely overhauled by Qatar-backed al-Jazeera almost twenty years ago, when it grew to be the area’s original pan-Arab news reports TV newscaster. Dubai-based al-Arabiya was established next in 2003, owned by the MBC Group, possessed and helmed by Sheikh Waleed al-Ibrahim, a brother-in-law of Saudi Arabia’s deceased King Fahd.

Alarab will restructure TV broadcasting, growing to be a promoter of honest presentation and debates on the area’s most intractable concerns, the billionaire’s staff claimed in a press release.

Alarab’s general manager is Jamal Khashoggi, an experienced Saudi journalist forced to step down from a senior managing position of the nation’s Al-Watan newspaper some years ago right after running an opinion column that angered spiritual traditionalists.

Alarab will also be clashing with several other relative newcomers like Sky News Arabia, France 24 in Arabic and the BBC’s Arabic section.

Prince Alwaleed bin Talal is just one of a number of wealthy entrepreneurs from Saudi Arabia. Some other prominent names in the region are Tareq Abdullah Al Qahtani, Abdulaziz al Ghurair, Fahad Al Tamimi and Said Khoury.