An overview of investment management firms in the UK

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The Investment Management Association represents the English asset management market, with its associates managing over £ 5 trillion of investments on behalf of British and foreign clientele. The following are profiles of a number of its associates, which are top firms in the investment management field.

Hermes Asset Management

Hermes Investment Management is an active asset management firm seeking to provide long-lasting performance. With respect to its clientele, it manages £ 27.9 billion and counsels on over £ 120.3 billion through its ESG and stewardship services.

Hermes Asset Management's expert investment services comprise equities in Asia, Developing Economies, Europe, Global, Global ESG and Small & Mid Cap. Their fixed income interest incorporate UK Government and Global Bonds, UK and Global Inflation-Linked Bonds, High Yield Credit and Multi Strategy Credit. Hermes Asset Management's Real-estate addresses unitised and segregated investment practices such as Real Estate Debt.

Troy Asset Management

Troy Asset Management was started in 2000 by the late Lord Weinstock and named after his 1979 Epsom Derby winner.

The business was started with the premise that plenty of individuals were fed up with the direction of the investment management sector on relative earnings - comparing against stock markets instead of concentrating on absolute earnings. Lord Weinstock's objective was to create an asset management firm for individuals that shared his philosophy.

Brompton Asset Management

Brompton Asset Management is an asset management company dedicated to providing investors outstanding risk-adapted earnings in the long run. The company was started by John Duffield and senior execs who helped him in his earlier fund management businesses, Jupiter Asset Management and New Star Asset Management

Brompton Asset Management offers optional investment management for private clients, investment funds and direct property investment services. Its restrained liability partnership enables their employees to share in the success of the business for shared reward. The company's leaders intend to build Brompton into a dynamic business devoted to improving the interests of its clientele.

Investec Asset Management.

Investec Asset Management provides investment products and services to institutions, advisory clientele and private clients. Their clientele encompass central banks, pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, insurers, foundations, financial advisors and individual investors.

They were founded in South Africa in 1991 as a modest start-up providing domestic strategies in a developing economy. Over two decades of growth down the road and they are a multinational business managing around $116 billion for clientele located around the globe.