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Arpad Busson is better known as being the founder and top dog of the EIM Group, which was created in 1992. The fund management service provides financial investment aid for hedge funds and offers institutional clientele select investment opportunities, selected through mindful portfolio management and the latest industry understanding.

Ever since its foundation, the group has broadened, with its assets under management increasing from $100 million to roughly $10.1 billion at the peak of its success. The beneficial venture has resulted in a recent merger among EIM Group and Swiss listed Gottex Fund Management, owned by close friend Joachim Gottschalk.

Informally referred to as "Arki", a businessman was schooled in his homeland France, where he was born on January 27 in 1963. His professional life includes the period of service where he was a medic in the French army. It was his transfer to New York City and his work is a realty broker that sparked his interest in investment for others.

In 1986, in Paris, Arpad Busson joined forces with Bernard Loze, as well as providing backing for prominent traders Paul Tudor Jones and Louis Bacon. These two investors would ultimately become the managers of a few of the largest hedge fund companies on the planet as a result of his support.

Beyond his duty as an global business owner, he has ended up being heavily involved in kid's charities through his work with his organization ARK, or Absolute Return for Kids. The ventures that the charity supports consist of those which deal with concerns of handicap or ailment, poverty and victims of abuse. This non-profit organization fundraises by hosting luxurious suppers annually, replete with star endorsement. The most successful of these charitable events made in excess of £ 21 million.

He is now considered a regular character in the elite groups of London. In 2006, Tatler, a leading UK elite magazine, named Arpad Busson as the 7th most desired individual to go to a celebration.