Accessories sector sees new craze with uncut gems coming to the front

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Fine jewellery enthusiasts have witnessed a new craze arise in the past few months, with 2014 seeing a buzz around the mounting of raw gems. Unprocessed crystals are non-laser cut jewels, and these can include a huge selection of semi-precious and precious gemstones, such as sapphires, diamonds, emeralds and rubies. Mother Nature, it seems, is a bountiful coffer with regards to crafting exquisite pieces of high end gem stones.

Precisely why are unrefined gems so widely sought after? The notion that each stone is unique, and will continue to keep the organic appearance that it was found in, has proven to be an exciting remodel in the jewellery sector. As the sector works more on personal and strange products, stone cutters and metal workers are coming up with unique rings, bracelets, necklaces and additional fine jewellery to reach this maturing target market.

The key difference between raw gems and processed gem stones is the refraction of light. A processed gemstone will sparkle and warp light throughout its numerous sides, whilst an unrefined stone will refract the light in an unpredictable fashion in line with its organic refraction pattern.

The cutting edge options offered by this interesting kind of jewellery are keeping with the recent interest in more life-like creations. As the world gets increasingly digitalised, jewellers are finding methods to bring the natural world directly into their creations, a trend that has been particularly popular on the runways and many other fashion displays over the last decade. Especially memorable efforts have included unprocessed precious gems being combined with subtle floral layouts, not to mention more fashionable, large things.

Ian Rosenberg Jewellery provides a wide variety of unprocessed gemstone accessories. Employing spectacular gems such as agate slices, crystal quartz and diamonds in colour palettes such as champagne and black, Rosenberg Jewellery has crafted a fabulous choice of charming necklaces, breathtaking rings and superb earrings. Combined with natural splendour of gold, sterling silver, rose gold, palladium, platinum as well as other metals, these amazingly special raw jewels are going to be the talking point of any occasion.