A run down the most impressive individuals in worldwide shipping this past year

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Zodiac Group, Eyal Ofer

Willpower is the expression that consistently pops up when commenting on Eyal Ofer’s effect on the market.

Even though many are playing outrageously with other customers' money, here is a private man with plenty monetary strength and sector foresight to take part in the game earnestly and by his own, more traditional policies.

No hurrying in, or out. No pandering to short-lived investor needs. The common view from those who know him best is that he is a person who understands the industry with finely-tuned accuracy and will play boldy, or hang on, when he ought to.

Aponte Family, Mediterranean Shipping Co

Gianluigi Aponte formally passed the torch to his child Diego in autumn the year before this, promoting him to managing director and chief executive of the organisation. But no one expects the person who has built up MSC into one of the best shipping organisations on the planet to be faraway from the action, no matter the leadership shift at the top.

Naturally, the statement unveiling Diego Aponte’s new leadership position also stated his parent would adopt a new position as company exec chairman and would still watch over all company-related business interests and "help his boy sculpt the future of MSC".

What the Aponte clan has done, then, is to determine succession plans for an enterprise that has gonefrom strength to strength over the last year, specifically as far as its cargo shipping business is concerned.

Angelicoussis Shipping Group, John Angelicoussis

Mr Angelicoussis’ connection with the public money markets heralded virtually all of the current group of listed shipping firms. He fought to make Anangel-American Shipholdings a hit on Amex for a decade and half and since making the business non-public has not chased after any other trade.

He is renowned for despising a lot of the influence that private equity finance and hedge funds have imposed on the industry over the last couple of years, specifically in their effects on the order book.

Up to now his organisation has been in the position to ignore popular backing solutions as funding is viewed as one of the director’s talents. A great rapport with a range of top banking institutions has regularly permitted him to secure capital in advance of others.

Nils Andersen and Søren Skou, AP Moller-Maersk

Maersk Line’s financial results carried on defying gravity through 2014, with the Nordic carrier expected to submit a full-year working earnings of more than 2 bn dollars after 3 sequential formidable quarterly returns,

The mid-year yield of 685 mil dollars was the most impressive since mid-2010 for the planet’s chief container vessel operator, while its gain on invested funds increased to 13.5 percent from 10.8 per cent in the last three months.

It was the 8th sequential yearly quarter in which Maersk has [http://de.Pons.com/�bersetzung?q=outdone&l=deen&in=&lf=en outdone] its aim of a five-point gross margin more than sector mean. And, for sure, in the third quarter, the disparity was 8.5 per cent

Maersk Line’s final results weren't lifted by the sector, which has stayed fragile, but by a careful evaluation of every aspect of the corporation to expunge costs out of the business approach and dispose of wastefulness. Maersk is not banking on an expense recovery to maintain the net income, but a far more valuable system that preserves ships' performance high.