A report on investment potential in Northern European med care suppliers

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A sector overview of healthcare in Sweden has just been published. The medicine account was carried out by MarketLine, and offers advice on the finest health suppliers in the Scandinavian countries.

The Northern European health care suppliers industry overview supplies excellent qualitative and quantitative summary information including field proportions (values collected from 2009 and over a period of 4 years, and forecast until the late 2010s). The overview also provides profiles of the top companies including essential financial analytics and an investigation of competitive pressures for the industry.

The features and perks of the guide encompass time conserving precautions, as the synopsis combines and condenses introductory research by pointing out the size, advancement, major sectors, and top businesses. The MarketLine overview also applies the Five Forces assessment tactic to figure out the economical intensity, and thus attractiveness, of the Scandinavian med care service providers’ market.

The report also describes the prominent enterprises in Nordic medical care and shows information on critical healthcare companies' actions in the Scandinavian region. It also examines their financial performance.

The analysis endeavours to condense all useful data on the Nordic health care system and the non-public businesses concerned with it to aid with investment pitches and powerpoint presentations, giving a concise view of the potential progress prospects of the Swedish med care service providers.

The record easily considers data coming from Denmark, Norway and Sweden, coupled with individual sections on every nation and the suppliers located in them. The Scandinavian medical care providers market had a combined market value of $141.2 bn just a couple of years ago. Norway was the swiftest growing nation with a compound annual growth rate of almost 6% throughout the 2009 to 2013 period. Within the health care providers sector, Sweden is the leading country amongst the Nordic states, with marketplace profits of $55.6 billion in 2013. It was accompanied by Norway and Denmark, with $49.1 and $36.5 billion, respectively. Over the following years, Sweden is predicted to dominate the medical suppliers in the Scandinavian lands, with a worth of 71.4 bn dollars over the course of the next half decade, pursued by Norway and Denmark with projected numbers of $59.2 and $46.4 bn respectively.

Some other premier specialists in Scandinavia include Falck Healthcare and Mehiläinen amongst many more.