A closer look at one of the United Kingdom’s primary philanthropists and business people

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Originally from Grimsby and having grown up in Lincolnshire, David Ross is the grand son of Carl John Ross, the founder of one of Great Britain’s top professional fishing corporations. He spent the earlier years of his education at Uppingham School, where he connected with and made friends with upcoming corporate ally Charles Dunstone.

A critical moment of his formative years came up when, aged just sixteen years of age, his father found him employment on a building site in North Africa. While the duties were undoubtedly gruelling, David lauded the time he spent there as a defining point in time in his existence as "it was so lousy I knew I had to get away from it and understand how to control my future."

While he later studied law at Nottingham University, David then managed to qualify as a Chartered Accountant with Arthur Andersen & Co, working with the agency for a couple of years. During this time, he decided to associate with his previous college colleague, Charles Dunstone, in a corporate joint partnership and, alongside one another, the young business owners created the phone dealer The Carphone Warehouse. Managing from a smaller apartment on London’s Harley Street, they skilfully enhanced the enterprise’s operations to 20 British outlets within four years.

Also known as The Telephone House, The Carphone Warehouse is presently The European Union's largest independent cellphone retailer and he even now takes a healthy function in a few other top private and public organisations.

Committed to his family's long-standing interest in community ventures, David has long pushing for the development of chances for young adults in the British Isles.

Given his focus on the arts and schooling, he set up the David Ross Foundation and the David Ross Education Trust a decade ago to more effectively assist worthy causes. The Foundation now backs more and more schools in the Lincolnshire and Northampton spaces while a wider nationwide non-profit schooling plan operates in deprived sections of England. Furthermore, he acts as a Trustee of the National Portrait Gallery and is an active participant in the Board of the UK Olympic Organisation. An avid advocate of artists, he is the thrilled creator of the Nevill Holt Opera Festival, each and every year offering his household and the neighbouring lands at Nevill Holt Hall to offer some of the most excellent opera in the country.